--- 31-08-09 ---

4X Austria Cup Finals this weekend in Schladming ! There are a few changes on the track so the race will also be a good training for the Worldcup Finals in September.

check www.bikeparkplanai.at or the events-section here !

See you in Schladming!

--- 31-08-09 ---

The sun was shining for yesterday's race on one of austria's best 4X Tracks in in St. Margarethen! National Champ Hannes Slavik took the win again. Results are online and Photos will follow soon.

--- 12-08-09 ---

Timetable and Infos for the next Round in St. Margarethen a. d. Raab are now online.

Check their website www.redneck-riders.com or the events-section here !

--- 31-05-09 ---

All the Results from Round 1 in Koppl are online ! Pictures from www.sportbild.at will follow soon.

Hannes Slavik and Anita Molcik are the new Austrian National Champions. Congratulations !!!

Thanks to all the organisers who made that event happen and all the riders !!

--- 30-05-09 ---

Round 2 in Schladming is cancelled !!!

Due to heavy rain it's impossible to ride on the new track. Further Infos will follow next week.

-- 25-05-09 ---

5 days till Round 1 in Koppl !!  Don't forget to register !

Also all the infos for Round 2 in Schladming are online, just check the event-section or the organiser's website -> www.mtbfestival.at

--- 14-05-09 ---

Registration for Round 1 in Koppl is now online !  You can find all the Infos and the registration-form in the event-section !!

--- 07-05-09 ---

Make sure you check out the MTB Video Contest from Austrias finest Extremesports Webzine MASSIVE MOVES !  Really Good Prizes for your Selfmade Action !

--- 06-05-09 ---

This years Cup will start again in Koppl (near Salzburg) on saturday 30.05. It will also feature the Austrian National Championships. The second round in Schladming will be on the next day so watch out for a weekend packed with 4Cross action !!

First here's the flyer for the Championships and the opening cup round (full details and registration will follow in the next few days):

--- 07-03-09 ---

There will be a bigger update soon but first here are the dates for the 2009 4X-CUP:

30.05. - Koppl (Round #1 and Austrian Championships)

31.05. - Schladming I (Round #2)

30.08. - St.Margarethen (Round #3)

05.09. - Schladming II (Round #4)

Although last years cup was a really big success and we only got very positive feedback, the cycling federation gave us a hard time to make another Cup this year. But with the help of some hard working organisers we all made this happen. A small series but with good and challenging tracks!

We are looking forward to see all of last years riders and also some new faces again at this years races !

--- 04-09-08 ---

The Champions of the 2008 Austrian 4X Cup are:

Elite Men: Rastislav Pirman (SVK) 4-Elements

Elite Women: Angie Hohenwarter (AUT) Norco

Fun-Class: Thomas Stadler (AUT)

See the results-section for all the final  standings.

Thanks to all the Organisers, Track-Builders, Sponsors and Riders for making that Cup such a huge success ! With lots of really good Tracks and strong international Riders out of 7 different countries it's definitely one of the most challenging Cups in Europe!

See you all next Season !

--- 03-09-08 ---

Results and Pics of the last Cup Round in Schladming are online!

Tomas Slavik (CZ, GT) and Angie Hohenwarter (AUT, Norco) took the Win at this Pre-Worldcup-Race!


--- 21-08-08 ---

The brandnew 4Cross World-Cup-Track in Schladming (built by Phil Saxena and Peter Fernbach) will be the Location for the Big Final of the AUSTRIAN 4CROSS CUP. Just two weeks before the World-Cup Finals it will also be a good Training for everybody!

Here you can see a first preview of the track ->      

For Registration please mail to -> 4cross@pi-tu.at


--- 18-08-08 ---

All the Results, Pics and Cup Standings from the latest Rounds in Koppl and Tieschen will be online within the next few days. In the mean time check the media-section for some nice photos and a TV-Clip from Tieschen !

Also all the latest infos about the big final of the cup on the brandnew 4X-track in Schladming will follow as soon as possible !

After 5 succesfull Rounds of the Austrian 4X Cup it's time to say thanks to all the riders from countries like Hungary, Slovenia, Slovakia, Switzerland or Germany for showing up at nearly all of the races. This really helps making the sport bigger and better !!

--- 31-07-08 ---

Legendary TIESCHEN is back ! check the flyer and the organiser's site for more infos -> www.fsc-tieschen.com


We also want to wish Austrian National Champ Niki Siedl a speedy recovery !! He crashed at a slovenian race and hurt his knee really bad. Keep ya Head up !!

--- 11-07-08 ---

Online-Registration for Round #4 in Koppl is now online! click here

check out the gallery section for some quality pictures from vösendorf, presented by www.sportbild.at

--- 08-07-08 ---

All the previous results and overall standings are now online !!

Sorry for the delay but we had to correct lots of mistakes in the results from the Cycling Federation.

--- 01-07-08 ---

This Saturday it's racetime again. Vösendorf (near Vienna) will held Round #3 of the 4X-Cup!

--- 30-06-08 ---

Congratulations !! The new Austrian 4X National Champions are Nicolas Siedl (Corratec) and Angie Hohenwarter (Norco).

The Organisation did a great job and it was an amazing event with lots of fast riders.

All the results and photos are coming soon.

--- 26-06-08 ---

Two Days till the 2nd Round of the Cup and the National Championships in St. Margarethen!! Weather should be good and we will see a bunch of strong riders there ! See you there !

Also don't forget to register for Round #3 in Vösendorf !

The Locals in Koppl did some nice changes to their 4X Track to add more flow and to have an updated track for the 2nd Race in August! Registration for this Race will be available after Vösendorf.

--- 12-06-08 ---

Online-Registration for Round # 3 in Vösendorf is now online !!

click here !

--- 30-04-08 ---

Next Stop is Round #2 and The National Championships in St. Margarethen.

Check out the Flyers ...


--- 29-04-08 ---

Round #1 in Koppl was a huge success! Riders from six different countries came to race and everyone was enjoying it. 

Complete results and links to lots of pictures are online !

--- 24-04-08 --- 

Online Registration for Round #2 and the Austrian Nationals is now online at the organiser's website www.tox-rider.com or just follow this link -> click !!

--- 24-04-08 ---  

The Race in Koppl is just two days away and we're looking forward to a great race with lots of strong and international riders !

--- 24-03-08 ---

Online Registraton for Round #1 in Koppl is now online!

-> click here

--- 21-03-08 ---

Informations and pictures for Round #1 and #4 in Koppl are now online!

Registration will be ready next week!

--- 16-02-08 ---

Here you can find some pictures of the latest changes to the Vösendorf BMX Track where the 3rd Round of the Austrian 4X Cup will take place :

Pic 1   Pic 2   Pic 3   Pic 4   Pic 5   Pic 6

--- 16-01-08 ---

Site's now online but still under construction !

--- 06-11-07 ---

The 2008 Austrian National Championships will take place in St.Margarethen.

--- 05-11-07 ---

See the "Events" Section for the first dates of the 2008 4-Cross Cup !